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Data recovery for Mac

We provide affordable data recovery for your Apple computers and external drives. If one of your Apple computers has a damaged or failing hard drive, we may be able to recover your files at a much lower cost than what many data recovery companies charge. We can also recover data from damaged external drives that are formatted either for Mac or PC.

We can help you recover and transfer documents, photos, and movies which you may have accidentally deleted from your Mac or external drive. We can then retrieve those files and transfer them on a new drive for you, or transfer them to another Mac.

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We can perform data recovery on the following products:

  • MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini .
  • Most external drives, including brands such as Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, G-Technology, LaCie, and more.
  • In some cases, we may also be able to recovery data from a failed PC hard drive.
Data recovery for a failing hard drive on Mac

More info on Data Recovery

All hard drives eventually fail, which is why it’s extremely important to frequently back-up your data so that you don’t risk losing anything. If one of your hard drive fails, becomes damaged, or if you accidentally delete data, you may need data recovery. Traditional data recovery providers can be very expensive, and it may take a week or much longer for you to get your data back. At Mac Learn, in certain cases we can provide much quicker service at a fraction of the price.

If your hard drive is not too badly damaged, or if you’ve accidentally deleted files from your Mac or hard drive, we should be able to recover your files. We offer free estimates, and then give you quote before starting the data recovery process.

We generally charge between $200 to $500 for data recovery depending on how much data needs to be recovered from the Mac or hard drive you provide to us. Call us with any questions you may have regarding our data recovery service.

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