Apple recently released a couple of new Macs which include the latest processors from Apple, the new M3 chips. The latest MacBook Pros and the newest iMac all get these next generation Apple silicon processors. One of the main difference between the M3 chips compared to the M2 processors is that they were manufactured using a new chip design that uses a 3-nanometer process. These new 3 nanometer chips are kind of a big deal,  and Apple is the first company to use these new processors in their devices. Previously, Apple was using 5-nanometer chips in the M1 and M2 Macs. Using this new manufacturing process, these new chips pack more transistors in smaller amount of space. Which means that you get increased performance while also reducing energy consumption, therefore not only speeding up the computer but also improving battery life.

The latest MacBook Pros now comes in only 2 sizes, the 14-inch and 16-inch versions, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar has been discontinued. And with these new models, you have some options to choose from in regards to which chip powers your Mac. The 14 -inch models have 3 options for the chip: M3, M3 Pro or M3 Max. The M3 chips come with the base models, while the M3 Max comes on the higher end, more expensive configurations. You can also choose a space black finish on the M3 Pro M3 Max models. The prices start at $1599 for the base M3 model, and can cost as much as $6899 for the most expensively configured 14-inch model you can build out from the Apple website. That is before taxes and Apple care coverage. So, not cheap by any means.

With the 16-inch models, you obviously get a bigger screen which means that  you’re able to get more pixels on that screen for higher definition. The 16-inch model also has a bigger battery inside, so it does get longer battery life than the 14-inch option. But the cost of those 16-inch models is also substantially higher than the 14-inch models. They start at $2,499, and if you start adding more storage or unified memory, that price can very quickly jump to $3,499 or higher. But if you’re thinking about buying one of these MacBook Pros, it’s usually because you require a powerful machine and you can justify spending that much.

And finally, we have the latest iMacs with these new M3 processors. Apple currently has the iMac streamlined to just one size, the 24-inch iMac. There used to be two different sizes for the iMacs, 21.5-inch and 27-inch, but that no longer the case. So, this 24-inch iMac strikes a good balance when it comes to size in my opinion. It’s a nice big screen, but doesn’t take up quite as much space as the 27-inch iMacs that Apple sold until 2020. For a lot of people thinking about buying an iMac, this is a great size, and this is a fairly powerful computer.

There is a basic configuration iMac for $1,299 with only 8GB of Unified Memory and a 256GB hard drive (storage). That is not a whole lot in my opinion, but that would be enough for someone who just needs a Mac for email, web browsing and other light tasks. For anyone that would like to do some light video editing or just wants to have a lot of applications running at the same time, I’d recommend upgrading to an iMac with a little more Unified Memory (what used to be called RAM), to at least 16GB. The other big difference is that the basic iMac model only comes with 2 Thunderbolt ports, while if you spend a little extra, you can get a model with 4 ports instead.

So, in conclusion, I think that there are nice new options from Apple and these new M3 processors are a very welcome addition to the Mac line-up of products. The new MacBook Pros are very powerful new computers with a lot going for them. While the new iMacs are going to be great options for lighter users who want a great desktop that looks great and does all the basics well, in an attractive package.