Sending and receiving text messages and pictures on your iPhone and iPad is one of the most common use for smart phone users. But, you don’t necessarily want the people around you to see those messages as they pop up on your phone, or even who the messages are from. To that end, Apple does give you a couple of options regarding how your Message notifications appear on your phone. You can for example, choose to see a message preview when the phone is unlocked, but hide the previews when your phone is locked. That way, no one can read your messages when you’ve left the phone unattended on a desk or in another room. You’ll still get a notification that you’ve received a message, but it just won’t show the content of that message.

In order to choose your favorite notification options, on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and look at your Message Options under Show Previews. You have three choices : Always, When Unlocked, and Off. My favorite is When Unlocked, which hides Message Previews when the phone is locked, and I am most likely to be away from the phone.