The computer that saved Apple.
20 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the new iMac to the world. The new iMac was a colorful and all-in-one design Mac which looked and worked vastly different than any other computers at the time. The translucent shell and very bright colors immediately made this Mac stand out visually. But the friendly design, combined with the fact that this was a pretty powerful computer for its price, made it an immediate hit with the public.

The original iMac is widely credited with saving Apple from the brink of bankruptcy, since the company was not doing well at all when the iMac was announced. This was the first Apple product to use to “i” prefix which became so common in future Apple products. The “i” in the iMac name stands for “Internet” because the computer was originally designed to make it easy for customers to get on the Internet right out of the box.

Picture of first and latest iMac

The iMac is still going strong.
Apple is a much larger and more successful company in 2018 than it was in 1998. And not surprisingly, the current iMacs are capable of doing so many things that would have nearly imaginable in 1998. But that little candy colored iMac from 1998 is what helped kick-start many of the good things to come from Apple over the next 20 years. And for that, we can be grateful.