Yesterday, Apple released a new GarageBand update. GarageBand is an application which comes bundled with every Mac, iPhone and iPad.
If you’re not familiar with GarageBand, it’s a pretty full-featured application that allows you to create music, podcasts, or background music for your videos.
This update introduces some new sounds, loops, and a few other new features. But probably the most interesting thing is that you can now download artists lessons for free that used to cost $4.99 a piece. To be honest, these are the same short lessons which came out years ago, and they are really basic. But it’ll be interesting to see whether Apple starts creating new content if they find that people are using and enjoying these lessons.

GarageBand is a pretty powerful app that can be used to make professional songs if you know how to use it properly. I can see GarageBand being far more attractive in schools if they include more educational music lessons than what is available now. And the fact that you could potentially work on a song on your Mac, iPhone and iPad is pretty appealing. And if you master GarageBand, you can then move up to Logic Pro X which is far more powerful, but also has a much more steep learning curve. But starting off with GarageBand gives you a great stepping-stone to learning Logic.

So, I’m hoping that Apple will devote a little bit of their vast resources towards improving the educational possibilities of GarageBand over the coming years.
The new update can be downloaded directly from the Mac App Store.