If you’re currently using a MacBook or MacBook Pro, you’ve probably noticed that they can get hot pretty quickly. That may force the fans to turn on quite often, which can get pretty noisy. And more importantly, I believe that letting your Mac regularly run hot reduces its life span.
One of the easiest ways you can stop your Mac from getting hot is by elevating it from whatever surface it’s sitting on. You have a number of options available to you when it comes to laptop stands for Mac.

The first option is to purchase one of the many MacBook cases that come little flip stands attached at the bottom. This is a great solution because you’re getting a protective case, and gaining the ability to elevate the Mac using just one accessory. And these types of cases tend to be quite affordable.
Here’s a good example one of these cases that you can purchase on Amazon:
Beatunes 2-in-1 Ultra Slim Hard Shell Case with Foldable Stand and Free Keyboard Cover for Apple MacBook Air

Your other option is to purchase a separate, stand-alone stand whose whole purpose is to elevate your Mac completely off the surface beneath it. You can find many options for these stands. It really just depends on how stylish you want to be, and how much you want to spend. And one the big advantages with some of these stands is that they will raise your Mac much higher, which might help reduce neck strain noticeably.
Here are some good examples of some cases you might want to consider for your Mac:

Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook and iPad Pro

Bestand Aluminum Cooling Macbook Stand

Vogek Adjustable Foldable Portable Laptop Stand for Macbook Pro / Air , iPad Pro


There are plenty of great options out there if you spend a little time looking online. It really just depends on your personal taste and specific needs.
This article also recommends a few good ones. So, do a little research and find something that you like. And most importantly, use the stand.
It’s a small thing, but you’ll be doing yourself a favor and will most likely extend the life of your Mac by a noticeable amount.