It has certainly been a busy few weeks for Apple recently, with the announcement of a wide variety of new products and services. Apple seems to be intentionally diversifying their product lines, with more emphasis on entertainment and gaming, while still upgrading and releasing new hardware products regularly.

At their recent event in Cupertino, Apple announced a bunch of new products including: Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and the new Apple Card.
Apple News+ is the only service that you can purchase and use right now, with everything else coming later this year.
So, in this article, I’ll focus on this new service focused mainly on magazine publications, and I’ll cover the other services as we find out more about them.

Apple News+ is a paid subscription service that allows you to read hundreds of magazines and some newspaper content in one place. This is very similar to what the Texture app used to do before Apple bought them out and turned it into this new service. For $9.99 a month, you can read publications such as Wired, Car and Driver, Cond√© Nast Traveler, ESPN, Esquire, National Geographic, Real Simple, Runner’s World, Vanity Fair and a lot more. You can read these publications on your Mac, iPhone and iPad as long as you have access to Apple News on these devices.

The Apple News+ content can be found inside of the News app on your Mac or iOS device. It has its own section where you can browse through all the different magazines available for you to read. You can also browse for different topics such as Business & Finance, Health, Food, Style & Beauty and so on… When you choose one of these categories, you’ll see a listing of all the magazines covering that subject. This is a good way to discover new magazines that you may never have heard about.
Below the top section, you will find a section with curated articles ranging a wide variety of topics that pulls selected articles from different magazines.
You can mark magazines as favorites, and you can also download magazines and articles to your device so that they can be read without need for the internet.

The service is brand new, and as such, I think there’s a lot of room for improvement. Browsing for magazines is still very much clunky, and not really that intuitive. The other big issue is that while some magazines are optimized for Apple News+, while some others are not, and are basically just PDF’s inside of the app. Which does not look good, or make them easy to navigate. There’s also no way delete content once you’ve downloaded it, it automatically deletes after 30 days.

So, ultimately, we’ll have to see how Apple News+ changes and adapts over time, and whether Apple can fix the biggest complaints that consumers are voicing right now. It’s a service that will probably change quite a bit over the next year, and I’m personally that they keep improving it in the coming months. I’m huge fan of magazines, and so I hope to see this do well. Only time will tell.